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    Structured Networks

    Structured Networks

    The most important aspect of an IP-based security platform is the network that it is built upon. When deploying a reliable security system it is essential to have robust wired or wireless network upon which to run. At IST, we have the resources and experience to design just such a network, using best in class network switches, routers and wireless access points as well as industry standard protocols.

    • Lower Cost of Ownership. Harnessing the IT infrastructure reduces installation costs in cabling, associated containment and fewer mains power outlets, with most devices utilising Power over the Ethernet (PoE)
      Scalability. Many security products can be added and networked from virtually any location meaning the system can grow and be easily adapted in line with a user’s needs without expensive additional cabling or costly changes to the network
    • Flexibility. The systems, particularly network video systems, can be as open or closed as necessary, making remote site monitoring and remote access easily and cost-effectively achievable
    • Higher security and resilience, coupled with improved user management. The network provides a robust fully managed and monitored infrastructure, which is rated five-nines resilient, and the applicable logical security measures exist to protect both the integrity of the physical security systems and the IT infrastructure
    • Tight Software Integration between systems makes them more intelligent and reduces security gaps, speeds up response times and maximises operator efficiency
    • Using the IP network as the transmission route for the security and video data increases network traffic, and makes that information more easily available to other relevant users
    • IP-based video systems have produced great improvements in video image quality, recording storage and review facilities. You certainly get a lot more features in the camera than was previously possible, everything from video analytics applications such as ANPR, face recognition, people counting and intelligent video motion detection to software vastly improving camera performance in adverse conditions like electronic image stabilisation