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    Proactive Video Monitoring

    Proactive Video Monitoring

    The best way to stop a would-be criminal in their tracks is with proactive video monitoring. Traditional video monitoring typically reacts to incidents in two ways. For crimes already in progress, monitoring personnel view and verify an action triggered by an alarm and alert authorities. After a crime has been discovered, monitoring companies provide recorded surveillance footage to help identify criminals, provide evidence for arrests, and protect owners from liability. While these are all valuable services, none of them can actually prevent crimes from occurring.

    Proactive video monitoring is different. As the name says, it is proactive – meaning that action is taken in advance of an incident, not during or after it occurs.

    1. Install – Let us install a system to fit your security and business needs. With our wide array of services, our expert consultants can design the ideal solution for you.
    2. Monitor – Prevent crime before it happens with an expert team of Certified Intervention Specialists.
    3. Manage – Control and administer your system with ease using convenient self-service web and mobile apps, enabling you to access key functionality.

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