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    Home Video Surveillance

    Home Video Surveillance

    Nothing beats live video for keeping an eye on your home, which is why we offer live streaming of your IST video system directly to your internet enabled smart phone. With the touch of a finger you can control the view, switching between live feeds, or playing back recorded video. Our cameras provide HD quality video/audio and are built to provide excellent performance, even in low light conditions.

    In addition to live streaming, your IST home video system may be integrated with your security system to record video when an alarm or event is triggered. You could then receive video notifications whenever someone enters your home and determine instantly if they belong there. In the event of an alarm, your video system would upload video of your home before and after the alarm, giving you a clear view. For parents, this can give them additional peace of mind as they receive video notifications directly to their smart phone as their children arrive home safely from school. Cameras can also be programmed to increase recording frame rates whenever they sense motion, giving you a clear view as someone enters the cameras’ field of view.