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    Home Security

    Home Security Systems

    At IST, we only sell custom designed home security systems so you get exactly what you need and nothing more.

    Are you tired of being lured into mass-marketed, cheap home control systems that do not effectively protect your entire home? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for a change! There are 3 main reasons why people choose IST. First, is Value – we offer comprehensive home security services including burglary, fire, flood alerts as well as a variety of Interactive Services that allow you to control your system with easy to use mobile or web apps. Second, is the Customized approach that we provide. No cookie-cutter services here, we design a security system for your home based on your needs – the system we design will fit your family like a glove. Finally, we are Dependable – our technical support and service staff is ready to serve your needs, meaning you’re guaranteed a fast response time with a personal touch that goes far beyond in scope and support compared to the large, national conglomerates.

    We work with some of the most cutting edge and dependable home security equipment. We provide you with the latest Interactive Security Technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers of home security products and services. Reliable staff combined with reliable equipment is a combination that will ensure the ongoing safety of your family.

    We pride ourselves on protecting your family from becoming the victim of a violent crime or terrifying break-ins, securing the family and property you have worked hard to grow. For our team of experts the setup and installation of your home control system is easy. Using our advanced technology you can arm, disarm, and monitor your system from anywhere in the world using any Smartphone device!

    We encourage you to do your research on other home security service companies in because we know that once that process is finished, IST will become the obvious choice to serve you and your family. Once you come to that conclusion please call us @ (800)760-4034 and let us get you on the road to peace of mind.