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    Commercial Video Surveillance

    Commercial Video Surveillance

    IST delivers live and recorded video surveillance to any device via a mobile or web app. Our video surveillance systems will help you keep a watchful eye on your business from anywhere in the world. In addition to viewing the perimeter of your building, you can also view the inside of your facility to manage employee productivity, loss prevention, vandalism, etc. thus realizing a significant return on your investment. We can design and install a new system after a site survey and analysis of your needs. Below are some of the chief benefits of a commercial video surveillance system.

    • Crime Deterrent
    • Peace of Mind
    • Evidence Collection
    • Dispute Settlement
    • Policy Implementation
    • Reduce Costs
    • Improves Business Reputation
    • Improve Sales

    Cloud Surveillance

    IST only uses cloud-managed surveillance technologies. Cloud Surveillance or Cloud CCTV systems are vastly superior to legacy CCTV technology in that the user experience is constantly improving without the need for repetitive and costly hardware replacement. This is made possible by a subscription model based on the total number of cameras. The technical term for this type of business model is VSaaS, or Video Surveillance as a Service. For example, as new features and capabilities are developed by the cloud services provider, they are rolled out in an ongoing fashion via web and mobile apps. So, as hardware platforms reach their end of life and are refreshed, the user experience remains consistent. There are several other valuable benefits that using a cloud-managed system provides as well such as:

    • Unified user management across multiple sites, recorders, cameras. Various users can easily be given access to any or all sites, recorders, or cameras.
    • Incident video clips stored in a cyber-secure vault & shared to recipients via an email/login with a password the recipient creates. Recipients can download stored clips to local computer or mobile device. Clips can be stored indefinitely or configured to expire at a specific time.
    • Advanced cyber-secure architecture with reliable client connectivity. All network traffic is outbound with no firewall modifications or port forwarding required.
    • Configuration stored and accessed in the cloud, making it easy to service & upgrade systems.
    • Advanced alerts can be configured at the cloud instance level and sent to email or push notification recipients.
    • Recorder-side analytics using AI or machine learning which can be used to filter out annoying false triggers and send more intelligent alerts to the client or a monitoring center.
    • Custom viewing layouts can be configured and stored in the cloud.